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Are you searching for a used vehicle? Please feel free to browse our site and review our current inventory. We specialize in small,short term loans with large down payments to save you thousands in charges.We have flexible terms including 90 days same as cash Zero interest loans! Deal directly with our knowledgeable  owner who is committed to providing you with a "no-pressure" buying experience. We want to make sure you find the vehicle that meets your needs and fits your budget.Lower Prices and Better Quality due to higher volume and lower overhead! Lo lamentamos, pero no hablamos spanish.Serving So Fla. for over 35 years with a no games, no hassles style selling. Trades welcomed and major credit cards accepted. Carfax available on all.Our vehicles are garage kept for easy viewing. Ask about our 0% 90 days same as cash or other short term loans.

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We have been serving the local area for over 35 years in the South Florida market and are proud of the solid reputation we have earned in the community
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    Every vehicle is obtained with the confidence that it will uphold our reputation when we sell it. Reliable,Quality and Value is what we sell and take pride in it! 

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    We offer the same low price cash or finance ,90 days same as cash 0% loans and other short term loans to save you thousands! No games or hassles, we always honor our lowest advertised prices ,Free Carfax on all ads,and work hard to earn your business as a life time customer!

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Our goal is always 100% satisfaction. See what some of our previous customers had to say about their car buying experience!

Jun 24, 2024

Carlos Finol

Bought a low mileage 07' Pontiac G5 from Joe a little over 2 years ago, and she's still running strong! It was a pleasure working with Joe, he made the whole process pretty straight forward. Joe is as real as they come! Thanks again.

Jun 09, 2024


Amazing experience! Tracked down a dream car of mine from the 90s - Joe is an excellent hunter and sources solid, RELIABLE cars from a time not too long ago when cars just worked! The price was right, the car was even better. I wasn't pitched, I wasn't sold, I wasn't mislead. I got a bulletproof example of exactly what I was looking for. I couldn't be happier with my purchase, or Joe's service and commitment to automotive excellence. You cannot go wrong with UzdCarz Inc.!

May 18, 2024


I bought a Toyota pruis from joe Very professional, Excellent service, And most important a very good Price. ??????????

Apr 13, 2024

Eva Gaultney

I live in MA, and in a matter of a week I felt confident enough to buy a one way ticket to FL because of Joe's help. He provided extra photos I requested, allowed a mobile inspector to come look at the car, and was very helpful in general before and after the purchase. Due to his policy on appointments, there were no distractions and the purchase transaction went smoothly. Since it is an older car I waited to leave the review, and the car is still in great condition. I have had the car for two months and am very happy with it, and I have gotten a lot of compliments on it. Great buying experience, Thanks Joe.

Apr 05, 2024

Bertrand Liautaud

Always a sure shot with Joe Pete! He's got fair deals on well-maintained cars and if certain cars are not up to par, he simply will not have them ready to sell even if they're physically in his inventory.

Mar 17, 2024


Mar 02, 2024

Cory Riorden

Joe is up front and stand up guy. I bought a car for my mother. A very rare find 19k original miles with all the service records to date it back. A used car will be a used car at the end. But I rather buy a car from someone like Joe . Then some random JOE. How do you have a store front and business for over 30 years? If you do bad business ??? You don’t… This is my second time buying a car and if I bought again I’ll be here leaving another review. -Cory 5 stars everytime.

Feb 28, 2024

Chris Gil

Joe is the man! Very honest and friendly. Bought a used car from him with a clean Carfax, paperwork was fast. He has great quality cars at an affordable price, beats the rest. Thank you my friend!

Dec 13, 2023

Giuseppe Pulzone

JOE PETE is a real Honest and great guy. Class act. Bought a 2008 Prius a few weeks ago, super happy with my experience. I have and always will recommend this Company and Joe. BTW, I don't write reviews except for exceptional service, UZDCARZ is worthwhile. Thx.

Dec 12, 2023

Bertrand Liautaud

Dec 05, 2023


I have bought 3 cars from Joe. The first was a 2008 Scion with 110xxx miles, the second was an Isuzu Rodeo with 140xxx miles ( running like a baby) Unfortunately a girl crashed my first Scion and was a total loss. The car had miles. Now I bought the third one, 2013 Scion with miles. Since I bought the first car I felt comfortable because of Joe's honesty. Then I bought the second and third, not only because of his honesty but also because of the quality of cars he sells. Joe, thank you very much for being honest and selling good quality cars.

Nov 20, 2023

Joh H

I had a very good experience buying a car from Uzdedcars. Transaction was handled very quickly and very well.

Sep 16, 2023

Angie Cruz

I have been meaning to leave my review for this AMAZING dealer. I was hesitant to buy a used car so I even went to the extent of having my mechanic inspect the car and he knew exactly the location. His response was, “this guy has good stuff”. He tested out the car and said the price was fair. No hassle shopping and, “ his word” IS worthy. My car has been running smoothly almost 6 months. I have nothing but praise!! Highly recommended!!

Jul 01, 2023

Edgardo Castro

Very positive experience. Joe is very kind, professional, and what lacks in the used car sales industry, honest. Made buying a used vehicle a very positive experience. I'd definitely recommend this business

Jun 28, 2023

Tyler Marie

Got my car a year ago and the owner was such a nice guy- my car still works perfectly

Jun 11, 2023

Lilique Jael

Bought a car in February from Joe. I was waiting a few months, because I wanted to be sure that the car was in good working condition, and it was! The mechanic friends and family told me that the price wasn’t bad for the car and it was in great condition and because of the type of car I would have it for a while. I’m looking forward to a several years with this car! Joe, thank you!

May 28, 2023

Hannah Clarke

Joe is a great guy who offers a no pressure buying atmosphere and is very friendly. His advertisement was honest and he informs you of any issues he has knowledge of, while also fixing any safety related issues like brakes before he sells to ensure you are getting a safe vehicle

Apr 28, 2023

Ginger Denise

Joe was a pleasure to work with in our search for an economic used vehicle. He patiently showed us car after car until we found the perfect Toyota! His dealer fees are reasonable with no unexpected add-ons. The dealership is off the beaten path; But surprisingly had a great selection. You owe it to yourself to see if he has the one for you! His cars are garage kept, clean and ready to go. Every car we test drove was exactly as described. No hidden uh ohs! - He makes the CarFax available and we felt completely comfortable in our purchase. If you’re looking for a used car we highly recommend Joe at Uzdcars! (I’m sending my sister to see him as she recently lost her car in that 1 in 1,000 year flood!!!)

Mar 12, 2023

Robbie Gordo

If you are looking to buy a good car in full on your own, this gentleman is the man to go too.

Feb 26, 2023

Robert B.

I visited this place after locating a vehicle for my mother. I called ahead and Joe said the vehicle was there.When I got there I saw a beautiful car just as it was described and pictured online.I was granted a test drive and it drove as good as it looked with the very low miles it had on the clock. I got it for a price that was very comfortable and very acceptable. I am very pleased with this purchase!I would definitely recommend this place to buy a used vehicle :)The owner Joe is a cool down to earth person that knows how to treat people!Dont buy anywhere else til you visit Uzedcarz!

Jan 27, 2023


Amazing experience, beyond! I’d always heard dreadful things about buying a used car and yet there it was, the Lexus convertible in the colors I had looked for for 2 years! Joe the owner went beyond what anyone might have hoped- he offered me a discount off the asking price, he was knowledgable and gave no pressure at all, even after I bought my car and it had a tiny tiny problem he offered to pay the cost even though I’d signed an “As is” document. I couldn’t recommend UzdCarz more highly.

Jan 18, 2023

Bertrand Liautaud

Joe is a fair gentleman in his transparency and frankness. Although I'm in the process of making a decision on a trade-in, I can say that he's friendly and courteous while letting customers take their time to decide without any pressure.

Dec 21, 2022

Ifa Owo

Man of his word. Something long gone now a days but this gentleman is very transparent and honest. Fair fee and not over priced or hidden fees anywhere. I will buy again if need be. Thanks alot love my van!

Dec 07, 2022

Kristy C.

10/10 I would definitely recommend! I needed a car ASAP , & I saw one online that I wanted. So I went to go check it out & test drive it & everything was GREAT ! I was in & out in less than an hour . Joe provides great customer service and is very thorough when explaining the paperwork!

Dec 05, 2022

Joanne Sepulveda

My daughter had done her research before going to Uzdcarz and boy was she right! We met Joe and explained that my daughter needed an affordable and reliable car and he led us to purchasing a car that is perfect for her! She is very happy and that makes me happy. Joe was patient, kind hearted, and honest. His work has integrity and he is a rare find. His assistant, Ice, is super nice too! Thanks Joe! Happy Holidays and Many Blessings.

Nov 22, 2022

Haley Rollins

Excellent guys!!!!!

Nov 03, 2022

Robert O'Leary

Disappointed they don't tell you on the web that you have to make. An appointment plus they still have not gotten back to me

Sep 04, 2022

J V.

This dealership is exactly what it says it is, a place to get a great-priced car with no games and no hassles.  One week later, I am very happy with my purchase!  Joe has a very straightforward and upfront communication style.  I appreciated the transparency of using the website to make a choice, doing my research among the vehicles, and having CarFax linked right there to assist in my decision.  I am out of area, and when I asked to coordinate with him to have a mobile mechanic that I selected come out to inspect before I purchased, he was fine with that and made it work.  He was easy to work with from start to finish.  Accommodating, facilitative, and always transparent in his dealings, I would buy from him again, which is the highest compliment I can give him.

Aug 23, 2022

Joe J

Had a wonderful experience buying a car here with Joe. If you see something in their inventory you like jump on it! Got a great car! Spot on communication and accommodating to our needs. I’ve bought and sold lots cars in my life from every market like private owners, small lots, and giant dealerships and buying at UZD I could not have be more pleased. We drove 4.5 hours to buy it so that should also say something. Lots of places say they are honest and care about their customers but this place really means it! Thank you Joe for a pleasant buying experience!

Aug 06, 2022


I helped a friend purchase a car with Joe. I had been frustrated that many comparable dealers hook you with fake listings. Joe had the car he had listed, and helped us have an independent mechanic check it out. He even came in on his off day because that's when we could come pick it up. Fair price, good condition, and the car has been great since our friend bought it.

Feb 23, 2022

Anna Limardo

We just purchased our 2nd used car from JOE. Our first car was around 6 or 7 years ago. We’ve been looking for an affordable SUV or small truck for my parents for approximately 3 months which is almost impossible these days and since we live in WPB I restricted my search to 10 miles of my location. I exhausted every avenue. Facebook Marketplace, used dealers, private owners, auctions…it was exhausting. Everyone wants top dollar for their 15 year old car with visible and not so visible cosmetic and mechanical problems. I finally decided to give Uzdcarz a call and Joe did not disappoint. We bought the 2005 Ford Explorer with low miles and one owner. The SUV looks and runs great!!! We are so happy that our search is over! One a side note about Joe: He provides the CARFAX on his vehicles for free. No other small used dealer gives you a CARFAX, basically because they don’t want you to find out what’s wrong with the car, such as Salvage Titles, car accidents, how many owners or if the mileage has been tampered with. CARFAX GUARANTEES THEIR REPORT, which means they will buy the car back from you if there is a defect in the title. Joe answered all of our questions and concerns and he’s honest. He’s picky about the cars he buys because he wants to sell you a good car and his cars are stored in his warehouse, not outdoors. However, let’s not forget you are buying a used car and used cars need work from time to time. Our first car had the normal wear and tear issues that all cars have but never gave us any major problems. I expect no less this time around. I am so grateful to Joe. If you need a used car, give him a call. You will not regret it! THANK YOU JOE!!!!

Feb 23, 2022

Anna M.

We just purchased our 2nd used car from JOE.  Our first car was around 6 or 7 years ago.  We've been looking for an affordable SUV or small truck for my parents for approximately 3 months which is almost impossible these days and since we live in WPB I restricted my search to 10 miles of my location.  I exhausted every avenue.  Facebook Marketplace, used dealers, private owners, was exhausting.  Everyone wants top dollar for their 15 year old car with visible and not so visible cosmetic and mechanical problems.I finally decided to give Uzdcarz a call and Joe did not disappoint.  We bought the 2005 Ford Explorer with low miles and one owner.  The SUV looks and runs great!!!  We are so happy that our search is over!One a side note about Joe:  He provides the CARFAX on his vehicles for free.  No other small used dealer gives you a CARFAX, basically because they don't want you to find out what's wrong with the car, such as Salvage Titles, car accidents, how many owners or if the mileage has been tampered with.  CARFAX GUARANTEES THEIR REPORT, which means they will buy the car back from you if there is a defect in the title.Joe answered all of our questions and concerns and he's honest.  He's picky about the cars he buys because he wants to sell you a good car and his cars are stored in his warehouse, not outdoors.  However, let's not forget you are buying a used car and used cars need work from time to time.  Our first car had the normal wear and tear issues that all cars have but never gave us any major problems.  I expect no less this time around.I am so grateful to Joe.  If you need a used car, give him a call.  You will not regret it!THANK YOU JOE!!!!

Feb 01, 2022


I had the pleasure of dealing with Joe when I bought my 2002 Toyota Tacoma Pre-Runner, which by the way was in great shape. Joe was a straight shooter. He made it easy to come and visit his shop and look at his inventory. There was no pressure at all and no creepy used car salesman tactics. If I was ever in the market again for a used car I would definitely go back and visit Joe.

Feb 01, 2022

jeff saxon

I bought an awesome little truck Ford ranger for decent price and a decent vehicle no complaints

Jan 25, 2022

Donner Jacob

So glad I found UZD CARZ. Joe has good, solid, clean cars. He sells them at fair prices, which is challenging in this current market. Everything about the way Joe does business is above board. I was interested in a Toyota Highlander, and when we drove up to the dealership, another couple had just bought it and was driving it off the lot! So I first met Joe when he was actually apologizing to me that it was sold...had compassion that I’d missed out on the car. That impressed me. So we looked at other cars and noticed a 2004 Toyota Avalon that had just come off the truck. After test driving it I noticed that it needed an alignment but I didn’t say anything. Joe had his mechanic do a once over and he told Joe it needed an alignment. Another score for honesty. From then on, everything to do with buying the Avalon was a smooth process. Joe is laid back but thorough about all the details involved in making an auto purchase. He explained every step completely and was fair about handling some minor issues that came up. He is very easy to work with and he takes a lot of care to make sure the vehicle is in good shape and the buying experience is a good one. I enjoyed purchasing the car and will return in the future. UZD CARZ. Recommended.

Jan 23, 2022

David D

Honest dude selling honest cars. I really enjoyed working with Joe today. He clearly picks cars he can stand behind. I bought a truck at a price completely reasonable for the age and condition. I’m glad to have found a dealer who i actually feel was trying to do best by his customers. I will be back and recommend Joe to others.

Jan 18, 2022

Julian Escobar

Very prompt service. So far my parents are enjoying their new car. Thank you

Jan 17, 2022

ricardo garcia

Highly recommend! Just purchased a cherokee and we are extremely happy. Pete (the owner) is very honest, knowledgeable, extremely helpful in the buying experience. No pressure at all and prices are very reasonable.

Nov 17, 2021

chris pest

Solid cars at decent prices. Very honest and upfront with the condition of the cars. One of the few decent places to buy a car.

Nov 01, 2021

Steve Minowitz

I bought a 2005 Lexus SC430 from Uzdcarz long distance. Joe has been great to work with. The car was exactly as advertised, and very clean. If you are looking for a very honest place to buy a used car, this is it! If you are buying a car over the internet, Joe has no problem with having an outside party inspect the car. If I could give more than 5 stars, I would.

Jun 21, 2021

Isabel Allison

My husband and I had a wonderful experience with Joe. We highly recommend him to anyone looking to purchase a good used car for a fair price. On top of that he gave us great advice with the leased car we had at the time, which helped us out tremendously. Honest, straightforward and helpful guy.

May 24, 2021

Melanie P.

My son decided that he wanted to buy a 90's Lexus. As a mom, this scared me to death. He's my only child and completely has me wrapped around his fingers, so I promised to look for one that I felt comfortable with. Joe is the kind of guy that I like to do business with. He's intense, but also knowledgeable with no BS. We bought my son a beautiful Lexus LS400. I highly recommend coming here for a used car. This guy knows his stuff!

Apr 24, 2021

Maria Rosa Falconi-Piedra

Exactly the car my dad was looking for. And the service was fast and great ??

Apr 16, 2021

Ryan F

I bought a used car here and it couldn't have been easier. I was out the door with new wheels for my daughter within 60 minutes or so. Fast, simple and painless. Joe, the sales fellow was upfront and honest. He is a standup guy who's also a solid communicator. If you need a car, I wouldn't hesitate to buy from again and I'd personally recommend this automobile dealer (and Joe) to everyone.

Feb 25, 2021

Robert Goodrich

I had been searching for a car for several months, finally deciding on the make and model, and determining my budget. Saw what I was looking for listed by Uzdcarz. When I drove the vehicle it was exactly as described, and it was in even better condition than I expected. Joe was a pleasure to work with. Honest to his word, and made the buying process as transparent and easy as possible. The total price was exactly as initially stated, with no surprises at time of signing. Cannot recommend more strongly. Great guy. Great cars.

Oct 02, 2020

Daniel Tuckish

Jun 17, 2020

Kenny Gibson

Uzdcarz is by far the best dealer I have ever dealt with. I go through alot of cars and I have bought 6 cars from him and every single car has been great. Joe has worked with me from day one and I will continue to buy cars from him. Thank you Joe.

Apr 21, 2020

Summer Emison

Bought a car from here and it was exactly as described. Took it to the mechanic after and he said it was a great find. Joe has great prices for his cars and is a really nice informative guy. He made shopping for my first car so easy and a really pleasant experience. Thanks Joe!

Feb 12, 2020

Lee Pullum


Sep 12, 2019


Money well spent!